1:1 & SEMI private pilates

Rig Pilates offers private equipment tuition on the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrels, Avalon Barrel & Spine Corrector. We are known for producing extraordinary results for our clients. At Rig, we offer Private 1:1 & Semi Private 1:2 - 1:3 Pilates Instruction. These sessions offer the most individual attention to your specific needs. 

Private Sessions focus on your own individual & specific needs. We customise our sessions for anyone from clients with injuries, pathologies or limitations, to the most advanced client or elite athlete with specific training goals. Your program is personally tailored to your goals, and is updated and adapted each session by our highly qualified Instructors. 

The work at Rig Pilates has a focus on:

- alignment & awareness

- balance of musculature & correct movement patterns

- control

- development of all aspects of fitness

- efficient movement

- harmony of body & mind

- fun and fulfilment!



We are proud to be considered the experts in Pilates for athletes and sports conditioning. Our practitioners are highly qualified & experienced in athletic rehabilitation, conditioning & injury prevention. We are honoured to be the first choice for many West Australian athletes, and current clientele include professionals from the AFL, WAFL, AFWL, NRL, A-league & Perth Racing. Our clinic space is perfectly equipped with state of the art apparatus, and programs are individually tailored to ensure maximum results.

More information can be found below on our Specialist Sessions for athletes.



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